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Beta L., Sp. Pl.: 222. 1753 sec. Kadereit & al. 2006



Beta comprises seven species of annuals or biennial and perennial herbs with a storage root. Beta is subdivided into two sections and is the only genus of tribe Beteae. Beta sect. Procumbentes (= sect. Patellares) was excluded from Beta on the basis of molecular phylogenetic and morphological results (see under Patellifolia; Hohmann & al. 2006, Kadereit & al. 2006b). Beta vulgaris and its various cultivated varieties (sugar beet, beet root, fodder beet and chard) are the economically most important crops within Caryophyllales (McGrath & al. 2011). For B. vulgaris the chloroplast genome (Li & al. 2014) and the nuclear genome (Dohm & al. 2013) have been sequenced recently.