Cherleria L., Sp. Pl. 1: 425. 1753 sec. Dillenberger & Kadereit (2014)
  • =Wierzbickia Rchb., Deut. Bot. Herb.-Buch: 106. 1841 syn. sec. Bittrich (1993c)
  • =Lidia Á.Löve & D.Löve in Bot. Not. 128: 510. 1976 syn. sec. Dillenberger & Kadereit (2014)



Originally including only C. sedoides found in mountains of Europe, but Dillenberger & Kadereit (2014) proposed expanding it to 19 species of Eurasia and western North America; Mosyakin suggests 23 to account for some additional eastern European taxa not yet transferred to Cherleria (S. Mosyakin, unpubl. data). Formerly included (with Pseudocherleria) in Minuartia sect. Spectabiles, Dillenberger & Kadereit (2014) found the two groups segregated into different clades far from Minuartia s.str., proposing the recognition of both, Cherleria and Pseudocherleria.