Cerastium L., Sp. Pl. 1: 437. 1753 sec. Greenberg & Donoghue (2011)



Includes 100, or more likely, close to 200 north temperate species, especially diverse in the eastern Mediterranean. The genus is still in need of a monographic study. The most recent infrageneric classification is presented by Schischkin (1936); even with corrected nomenclature and inclusion of extra-Russian taxa, it is not likely to be representative of relationships in the genus. Greenberg & Donoghue (2011) included 39 species of Cerastium in their study and found several interesting points. Cerastium subg. Dichodon should be treated as a genus, being a sister to Holosteum. As in Dianthus, resolution of the species was very poor, most species falling into either a polytomy of 11 species or one of 23. They also found Cerastium formed a clade within Stellaria. These genera are considered quite distinct by nearly all workers, so this must be investigated further.
Although Yao & al. (2021) found Pseudocerastium, a monotypic genus from China, to nest within Cerastium, Arabi & al. (2022) doubted the identification of the voucher used for that conclusion.