Gymnopodium Rolfe in Hooker's Icon. Pl.: 2699. 1901 sec. Brandbyge (1993)
  • =Millspaughia B.L.Rob. in Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 36 (3, Beibl. 80): 13. 1905 syn. sec. Brandbyge (1993)
    • Type: not designated



The genus Gymnopodium was originally described with three species, growing as shrubs or small trees on limestone soils in Belize, Guatemala, and the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico (Blake 1921; Brandbyge 1993). Sanchez & al. (2009) and Burke & al. (2010) showed that Gymnopodium is strongly supported as monophyletic in the subfamily Eriogonoideae (sec. Burke & Sanchez 2011), and that based on leaf shape and pubescence characters, the genus should be recognized with only one polymorphic species (Burke & Sanchez 2011).