Antigonon Endl., Gen. Pl.: 310. 1837 sec. Brandbyge (1993)



The genus Antigonon, with three to six species, consists of woody or herbaceous perennial lianas that grows in Mexico and Central America, with the exception of A. leptopus Hook. & Arn., which is widely cultivated as an ornamental (Brandbyge 1993). Sanchez & Kron (2009), Sanchez & al. (2009), Burke & al. (2010), and Burke & Sanchez (2011), based on consistent and highly supported molecular data, proposed that Antigonon and Brunnichia, two genera with suffrutescent habit and tendril-bearing lianas, are clearly distinguished from the rest of the subfamily Eriogonoideae. According to Brandbyge (1993), the described species are poorly defined and a taxonomic revision is needed.