Dianthus L., Sp. Pl. 1: 409. 1753 sec. Bittrich (1993c)
  • =Velezia L., Sp. Pl. 1: 332. 1753 syn. sec. Madhani & al. 2018



With about 300 species, Dianthus is the second largest genus in the Caryophyllaceae. Dianthus is most diverse in southeastern Europe and southwestern Asia. No recent monographic work has been undertaken; the most comprehensive infrageneric classification is presented in Pax & Hoffmann (1934).
Although Greenberg & Donoghue (2011) included 37 species in their analysis, virtually no resolution was found; 26 species formed a polytomy. May include Velezia (see there).
Six species occurring from the Mediterranean east to Afghanistan. May be included in Dianthus; Harbaugh & al. (2010) and Greenberg & Donoghue (2011) both found V. rigida nested in Dianthus, while Pirani & al. (2014) showed Velezia as a sister to Dianthus.