Drosera L., Sp. Pl. 1: 281. 1753 sec. Kubitzki (2003b)
  • =Sondera Lehm., Nov. Stirp. Pug. 8: 44. 1844 syn. sec. Kubitzki (2003b)
    • Type: not designated



Drosera has a worldwide distribution but the majority of species are found in the Southern Hemisphere, especially in southwestern Australia and New Zealand (Kubitzki 2003b, Rivadavia & al. 2003). Several classifications have been proposed for the genus, the last one was that by Siene and Barthlott (1994) who recognized three subgenera and 11 sections based on morphological, anatomical, palynological and cytotaxonomical characters; the molecular phylogenetic study that included the most representative subgenera and sectional sampling so far (i.e. Rivadavia & al. 2003) supports the monophyly of only some of these groups.