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Podopterus Bonpl., Pl. Aequinoct. 2: 89. 1812 sec. Brandbyge 19931
  • 1. Brandbyge, J. 1993: Polygonaceae, 531 – 544. – In: Kubitzki, K., Rohwer, J.G. & Bittrich, V. (ed.), The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants 2. – Berlin, Heidelberg & New York: Springer



Podopterus includes three species restricted to Mexico and Guatemala (Brandbyge 1993). The genus has strong morphological affinities to Neomillspaugia and Coccoloba, based on habit and the presence of five tepals (Burke & al. 2010). Although the placement of Podopterus is not well supported, Burke & Sanchez (2011) included the genus in the tribe Coccolobeae alongside Coccoloba and Neomillspaughia. Podopterus and Neomillspaughia share the presence of accrescent and membranaceous inner tepals (Blake 1921; Roberty & Vautier 1984).