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Pteroxygonum Dammer & Diels in Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 36: 36. 1905 sec. Brandbyge 1993



A monotypic genus found in China. The genus was considered part of Fagopyrum (Haraldson 1978; Ronse Decraene & Akeroyd 1988) but molecular studies do not support this placement (Sun & al. 2008; Sanchez & al. 2009, Tavakkoli & al. 2010). Sun & al. (2008) suggested that this genus should be placed in Persicarieae but in Sanchez & al. (2009) the position is unresolved. In Tavakkoli & al. (2010) there is conflicting placement of Pteroxygonum depending on the gene region. Therefore, Sanchez & al. (2011) decided to place this genus as incertae sedis.