A number of workshops (WS 1-4) will be organized in conjunction with the conference and take place on the two days following the core conference (Thursday/Friday, September 17/18).


WS 1) EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy (Thursday, September 17)

The EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy is a collection of open source tools and services which together cover all aspects of the taxonomic workflow. The workflow is grouped into the following areas: taxonomic editing; publishing of edited data; data storage and exchange; collections and specimens; descriptions; fieldwork; literature; and geography. At the heart of the EDIT Platform is the Common Data Model (CDM), a repository for every conceivable type of data produced by taxonomists in the course of their work, and the backend for most EDIT components.

We cordially invite you to participate in our EDIT workshop. This workshop will start with a short introduction to the EDIT components like EDITor, dataportal and the underlying datamodel of the CDM. Based on this we provide a deeper view into the work with the taxonomic EDITor handling names, taxa and associated data. Depending on your needs we also provide intense hands-on training sessions.

This workshop is organised by the members of the EDIT Platform team, BGBM Berlin.

Software package:


WS 2) Xper2 software (Friday, September 18)

This workshop will be organized by the Xper team from the Laboratoire Informatique & Systématique, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris.  

Software package:


WS 3) JACQ herbarium management system (Friday, September 18)

JACQ is an online collaboration platform for botanical object handling. It includes modules for specimens, incl. batch processing, literature references, scientific and vernacular names, taxonomic hierarchies and synonymies and has a built in module for display of digital images. Data capture modules are available on a restricted login basis for registered institutions and users. Privileges of users are based on workflow and qualification.

A website of general public use is available at the Virtual Herbaria website. The network is generally open for any institution and even private persons are welcome to join.

This workshop is organized by Heimo Rainer, Naturhistorisches Museum Wien (Vienna, Austria). 

Software Package: JACQ (2015) Online Botanical Information Management Tool Software Repository:



WS 4) Sileneae Network (Friday, September 18)

The flowering plant group Sileneae serve as model for many interesting biological questions. Despite this, the taxonomy and phylogeny is far from settled, and it is often hard to retrieve relevant information. The ulimate aim of the workshop is to explore if it is possible to consolidate an international network of scientists with various interests in Silene. For example, would it be possible to set up a web portal where information about taxonomy, nomenclature, chorology, phylogeny, ecology, morphology, physiology, genetics, molecular biology, reproduction, literature, DNA/RNA sequences, etc. can be efficiently stored and utilized for various research projects.

This workshop is organized by Prof. Bengt Oxelman from Göteborg University, Sweden. Please contact him directly (bengt.oxelman[at] for further details.