This page summarizes major updates, especially changes in circumscription of genera that result from research published after after the publication of this checklist.
Newly described taxa
Deamia funis Hammel & S.Arias in Phytotaxa 576(2): 221. 2022 (Nicaragua)
Mammillaria morentiniana Gonz.-Zam., D.Aquino, J.Mohl & Dan.Sánchez in Willdenowia 52(3): 363. 2022 (San Luis Potosí, Mexico)
Treatment of Melocactus updated based on Majure et al. (2022)
Updates for the Melocactus harlowii group in Cuba based on Burrios et al. (2022)
Updates for the Pilosocereus leucocephalus group s.s. based on Franco-Estrada et al. (2022).
Newly described Acanthocereus atropurpureus P.González-Zamora & Dan.Sánchez added. Publication: González-Zamora at al. (2021).
Treatment for Coryphantha updated based on Sánchez et al. (2022), raises the number of accepted species to 1855.
Escobaria included into Pelecyphora based on Sánchez et al. (2022).
Backebergia accepted as monotypic (M. militaris) based on Franco-Estrada et al. (2021).
Pretocereus segregated from Pachycereus and accepted as monotypic (P. gaumeri) based on Franco-Estrada et al. (2021)
Treatments for Peniocereus and Pachycereus updated based on Franco-Estrada et al. (2021).