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Salmonopuntia P.V.Heath in Calyx 6(2): 41. 1999 sec. Griffith & Porter 2009
  • Salmiopuntia Frič ex Guiggi in Cactology 2 (Suppl.): 2. 2011, nom. illeg., syn. sec. Köhler 2021
  • Salmiopuntia Frič ex Kreuz., Verzeichnis Amer. Sukk. Rev. Syst. Kakteen: 41. 1935, nom. inval., syn. sec. Köhler 2021


Revised by Matias Köhler

Taxon standing

Category B. The genus is monophyletic based on phylogenetic studies that support the clade based on a sufficiently dense or even complete sampling, or support a monotypic genus as a distinct lineage, but do not provide a new taxonomic treatment at the species level. In many cases, older classical taxonomic synopses or a monographic treatment exist for these genera providing a reliable assessment of the species included.


Phylogenetics: Opuntia salmiana has been found as a well-supported lineage out of the Opuntia s.str. clade (Griffith & Porter 2009; Majure & al. 2012), and so treated as separate genus recognized by a combination of distinctive morphological features. The former Salmiopuntia Frič is an invalid name (Mottram 2014), and the attempted validation (Guiggi 2011) superfluous, considering Heath (1999).A


A. Köhler, M. 2021: Revisions of Airampoa, Brasiliopuntia, Opuntia, Salmonopuntia, Tacinga. – In: Korotkova N. & al., Cactaceae at – a dynamic online species-level taxonomic backbone for the family. – Willdenowia 51: 251-270