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Estevesia P.J.Braun in Kakteen And. Sukk. 60(3): 64. 2009 sec. Franck 2021


Revised by Alan R. Franck


Estevesia has not been included in any molecular study so far. It was provisionally placed in the synonymy of Harrisia by Nyffeler & Eggli (2010). The status of Estevesia was revisited by Franck (2016), stating that Estevesia had been erroneously synonymized with Harrisia (Nyffeler & Eggli 2010; Hernández-Ledesma et al. 2015), but was likely more related to Cereus s. str. and Monvillea Britton & Rose. However, this still needs to be confirmed by a phylogenetic study. A


A. Franck, A. R. 2021: Revisions of Cereus, Estevesia, Harrisia, Pilosocereus, Stenocereus, Xiquexique – In: Korotkova N. & al., Cactaceae at – a dynamic online species-level taxonomic backbone for the family. – Willdenowia 51: 251-270