Cereus ayisyen

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Cereus ayisyen

Cereus ayisyen M. van der Meer in Cactologia Phantastica 4(2): 14. 2019 sec. Franck 2021
  • Cereus haitiensis A.R.Franck & Peguero in Phytoneuron 2017-29: 2. 2017, nom. illeg., syn. sec. Franck 2021 [non Cereus haitiensis Schelle 1907]
    • Type: Haiti. Nord-Ouest Dept., W of Môle gorge, vicinity of Môle-St-Nicolas, 16 Feb 1929, E.C. Leonard & G.M. Leonard 13311 (holotype, US; isotype, NY)


Cereus ayisyen is a replacement name for Cereus haitiensis A.R.Franck & Peguero, an illegitimate homonym of Cereus haitiensis Schelle. Schelle’s name was attributed to garden origin and published with the very brief description “hellgrün, gelbstachelig” without referencing the nearly verbatim description of C. grandiflorus var. haitiensis K.Schum., an apparently validly published, potential basionym. Although an explicit combination was not made by Schelle, Schelle was familiar with Schumann’s works. A
Mottram & Hoxey (2020) questioned if the Schelle name was validly published.B


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