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Thelocactus (K.Schum.) Britton & Rose in Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 49: 251. 1922 sec. Hunt 2016
  • =Napina Frič, Cacti Price-List 1928: 6. 1928 syn. sec. Kew WCVP (2019)
  • =Thelomastus Frič ex Kreuz., Verzeichnis Amer. Sukk. Rev. Syst. Kakteen: 10. 1935 syn. sec. Kew WCVP (2019)


Revised by Carlos Gómez-Hinostrosa & Héctor M. Hernández


See under Ferocactus.A

Taxon standing

Category D. The genus is polyphyletic, paraphyletic or nested in another genus.


Shrubs or unbranched plants; stems globose, depressed-globose or subcylindrical, tubercles rounded to conical, sometimes proximally confluent in spiral ribs; areoles on the apices of the tubercles, sometimes with a short adaxial groove that does not extend to the axile of mature tubercles; spines acicular or subulate, smooth or annulated, straight or curved, central and radial spines generally distinguishable, white, yellowish or red; flowers apical, funnel-shaped, pericarpal and receptacular tube scaly, scales more than 3, tepals white, yellow or magenta; fruits ovoid to globose-cylindric, greenish to reddish, semi-fleshy, scaly with the perianth rem-nants persistent, opening at maturity by a basal pore; seeds pyriform, with a basal hilum, black, testa papillate or smooth.B


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