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Punotia D.R.Hunt in Cactaceae Syst. Init. 25: 26. 2011 sec. Ritz & al. 2012


Phylogenetics: The sole species of this recently segregated genus, P. lagopus, was formerly placed in Austrocylindropuntia, but was recovered as sister to the remaining species of Austrocylindropuntia and Cumulopuntia by Ritz & al. (2012). It differs from Austrocylindropuntia in several characters, especially its growth form as flat, extensive cushions.A

Taxon standing

Category A The genus is monophyletic or, if monotypic, highly supported as a separate lineage based on a complete or very comprehensive phylogenetic study. A phylogeny-based taxonomic synopsis was published, usually together with the phylogenetic study or in a follow-up taxonomic paper by the same authors.


Austrocylindropuntiae et Cumulopuntiae valde ffine, habitu egregie, densissime pulvinformi, foliis occultis persistentibus, floribus vix exsertis dissimili.


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