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Cremnocereus M.Lowry, Winberg & Gut.Romero in Bradleya 35: 254. 2017 sec. Lowry & Winberg 2017

Taxon standing

Category E. No assessment of monophyly has yet been possible, because only a few species were sampled or no phylogenetic study has been conducted so far.


Monotypic, only recently described genus of columnar cacti from the Montane Dry Forest of Bolivia. So far, it has not been sampled in any published phylogenetic analysis; unpublished sequence data of Schlumpberger & al. confirm that it is indeed a separate lineage.A


A. Schlumpberger, B. 2021: Revisions of Acanthocalycium, Echinopsis, Leucostele, Lobivia, Setiechinopsis, Soehrensia, Reicheocactus, Trichocereus. – In: Korotkova N. & al., Cactaceae at – a dynamic online species-level taxonomic backbone for the family. – Willdenowia 51: 251-270